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Establishing Charity
Associations In Turkey

We provide all what is required to obtain the official license and start the activity

Evaluating The Financial & Legal Performance Of Associations

We study and evaluate the financial & legal status of your association according to the laws in Turkey and issue a detailed report about the association’s reality

Financial & Legal Follow-up Of

We develop a work plan to receive and follow-up the financial & legal file in details

Financial & Legal Consulting For

A complete package of flexible and applicable financial & legal consulting

Liquidating Associations And Signing Off Their Accounts

We guarantee you the right signing off and getting the liquidation decision according to the law steps

Providing Financial & Accounting Solutions 

We provide financial consulting, establish accounts and develop accounting systems to improve the financial performance of your work

Who We Are ..

A leading Turkish-Arab team specialized in the financial & legal affairs of charity associations and their ruling systems in Turkey. Our team works to develop, maintain and follow-up on charity association’s financial & legal files and procedures, which are pertinent of the continuity and security of the work before the official authorities

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A Special Group Of Our Clients

Wifak Humanitarian Association | President

Two years after officially registering our association ( WIFAK ) in Turkey, and the struggle in reaching the laws for human rights organizations and associations, I got the honor to meet Mr. MOTASEM ALZAEN and Mr. AHMAD KAMAL ALDIN and I got to know that they both worked for getting the laws of Turkish associations. And after translating and having a clear idea about it in details, they worked on organizing some association’s files and fixing their mistakes successfully. So I found out the importance of collaborating them with us to figure our document’s mistakes and fixing them, then to follow-up our files legally. And as expected all the missions given to them were done and organized at the time, through working with them I have seen the sense of faith and caring of charity associations, for nothing but the humanity and love of Allah. This is what I touched and Allah knows best.

Mr. TAISIR MUFID – www.wifak.org

Sham Sherif Association | President

ZD Consultation is an address of keenness, perseverance and transparency. and its members are a team of good people and specialists. They are keen to urge civil society organizations and different companies to maintain their affairs to be in the lead as pioneer in their work. We ask Allah to bless them.

 Mr. AHMAD TAAME – www.shamder.com

Mercy Without Limits | President

We at Mercy Without Limits were very impressed with the work of ZD consultation. The work received was very professional and all delivered in a timely manner. We had a great experience and will definitely use ZD consultation in the future.


Sawaed Alikhaa Charity | Executive Manager

Disciplined company with high quality standards. Thank you for your interaction with us, the speed of your response, your keenness on time and accuracy in achievement. wish you more success.


DOT Capacity Building Solutions | General Manager

Each creative has an achievement, and I on behalf of DOT would like to thank ZD for the sincere cooperation and seriousness of the work that we have seen through your services and especially the management Mr. MOTASEM ALZAEN and Mr. AHMAD KAMAL ALDIN for their all efforts. We are proud of you as one of our most important partners in success and excellence and I ask Allah to help us in our work

Mr. SAMER ALKHAYAT – www.dot-tr.com


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